Final Expense Planning

David Burton Texas independent Agent

Whole Life Insurance.

Guaranteed Issue

No Health Questions!

No Medicals Exams!

Ages 50-85

Have Peace of Mind

Pay off bills.  Leave money for grand-children.  Take care of final expenses!

Have the peace of mind knowing you will not have to burden love ones financially.


LICENSE # 2028503


There are no health question to answer on the application.

Rest assure, there are no exams to take.

The process only takes a few minutes once you decide on the benefit amount you will need.

Affordable And Easy

You have to be between ages fifty to eighty-five and live in Texas.

You choose the amount of benefit you will need between $5000.00 and $25,000.

Take a few minutes and request free information.

You can simply fill out the form to the right or just call the number below and there will be someone who will be able to assist you further.         

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Ask About Our Accident Plans For Individuals

Or Family.

Accidents can happen at anytime and any where.  It’s no secret when an accident occurs it can disrupted our daily activities, like miss a couple hours, days, or even weeks of work.

I want to make sure I help you be prepared in case of an unfortunate  accident arises.

It’s bad enough you have to concentrate on getting well.  The last thing you need to worry about is the financial hardship that an unfortunate accident can bring.

Putting an accident plan in place can soften the financial blow one can experience.